Ginny Wiehardt is currently seeking representation for Sugar Summer, an upper-middle-grade novel. In Sugar Summer, recently orphaned 13-year-old Scarlet and her college-aged sister Ivy inherit a Brooklyn mansion and an abandoned sugar factory from their high-society grandmother. Scarlet moves from her hometown in Pennsylvania to live with Ivy in New York. While Scarlet yearns to connect to the family she’s lost, her fashion-major sister obsesses about her boyfriend and their grandmother’s vintage wardrobe. Left at home alone when Ivy goes to a party, Scarlet decides to visit the factory the next day by herself.

The 19th-century factory harbors a forgotten world of conveyor belts, catwalks, defunct machines—and a runaway named Ash. Ash shares Scarlet’s love of adventure, and he seems to understand loss in a way her old friends don’t. As they explore the factory and the city beyond it, Scarlet starts to like Ash as more than a friend. But when Ivy accuses Ash of stealing from them—and then of setting the factory on fire—Scarlet has to choose between her crush and her relationship with her sister.

Ginny is an active member of SCBWI. Contact her to learn more or to request an excerpt.